Saturday, February 7, 2009

Let them eat tarts!

Tomorrow is the last day of the cleanse. It isn't getting easier right now because the cleanse keeps giving me delicious things to eat like the spelt cookies, creamy polenta, risotto, lentils with feta cheese and sundried tomatoes. I have been eating extra cookies...

It's so close...on Monday I get wine (because I say so) and I'm spending a whole whack of time cooking and baking healthy but delicious food. The biggest annoyance with this cleanse is that all the recipes are for about 4-6 portions and the dips especially are inconvenient because we only get to eat it once, or in the case of dips, once and then not again until 4 or 5 days later, when it's gone off. Ergh! I feel like a lot of food has gone to waste :/

Anyhoo, on the bright side, I'm making a tart tomorrow! There is catfish on the menu for lunch, yuck. Not sure exactly what I will have, probably extra asparagus and a little bit of feta or goaty gouda! Mmmmm

I bought grapefruit juice to finish up the week, instead of buying another grapefruit (I'll wait until they go on sale). It's not as delicious at all but it'll make for a quicker breakfast.

The cooking has been wearing me down, I am so ready to clean my fridge and start a new, college-style healthy eating. I'm excited to sign up for The Good Food Box, it's SO cheap and the drop off is super duper close.

And as I've mentioned before, I bought 3 cookbooks, and there is a plethora of opportunities for eating too too much.

But honestly, I do intend to stick to these large doses of vegetables and whole grains. FYI: Quinoa is tops!

Plus, it's about time that the boy and I go to Buddha's Veggie or some such place of deliciousness.

It's time for bed, happy munching!

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