Saturday, March 7, 2009

Still not buying it

So, I spent $10.25 on my cab home last night. This was taken from tip money that I made last night, which totalled $52 before cab and after tipping out the doorboys. I don't think I really broke a rule there. Maybe stretched it though because there were other ways for me to get home: could have walked to the train, took the train, walked from station to home. But when it's cold and almost 1 a.m., I think a cab is a safe choice.

Today I spent four hours at the Jubilee Auditorium volunteering for the Kiwanis music festival. It is for an assignment on altruism. I didn't really feel very altruistic, but I know that my time did go to a good cause. Considering I would have probably just sat at home playing Valkyria Chronicles otherwise, I think this is a good thing. The volunteer coordinator suggested I grab lunch at a nearby food court (more money I didn't need to spend) while I waited for my first session to start. Instead I had a complimentary coffee (I even had cream in it! It's not as good as soy, but it was actually quite lovely) in the volunteer lounge and read some of Brave New World.

The rest of the day will include dinner with the boyfriend - cooked by us with ingredients from our combined pantries. I'm thinking asparagus risotto and somethin, but I'm not sure we have enough veggies to make it properly. I really want to pick up some mushrooms and/or chard. But I'll see what I have first. Part of this whole exercise, a big part in fact, is to clear out my over stuffed food stores. It's good to have supplies so I can whip up a meal anytime. But when I have so much food and just keep buying more, it means plenty of it goes to waste.

Then we'll probably watch some Firefly and take some photos before we both go to work at 9. There's a new menu at work and I'm sorely tempted to try the new homemade vegan burger, but there's no sense in eating at 9 pm anyway. I'll wait until I'm working next Saturday afternoon.

All the bus transit was paid for in my tuition months ago, so that isn't an expense either.

So far, so good, I'm thinking. But now I want some wine.

Things I want to Buy

Since 5 pm today, I have thought about purchasing:
- shower head
- french fries
- cup coffee
- a fancy briefcase
- hot air popcorn popper
- soy silk creamer
- michael rault cd
- slice of pizza

And I am going to break my rule a bit because it's really cold and late and I am going to take a cab home from work. And in the morning: hashbrowns!
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Friday, March 6, 2009

A month after

Okay, I really did intend to post frequently in the days following the cleanse. Unfortunately, I got so busy eating and with school, that I neglected the blog completely.

The bad news: I'm slipping into snacking habits again, so I'm going to make a great effort to get outta that. I've been eating wheat bread a little more often than I should. I haven't baked a loaf of spelt bread since the cleanse, so I'll hopefully get on that soon too. Too much beer in my diet! I am not completely bingeing, but I will be cutting down even more on beer and pop-based hiballs. I'm digging red wine though. Check out a bottle of pinotage sometime soon, it's got a lovely sweetness. I've gained some weight back and my complexion isn't the glowing, smooth loveliness that it was in week 2.

The good news: I am eating better and healthier than before the cleanse. It's hard to eat as much veggies as I was before, but I think I am doing a decent job of incorporating them and will keep going. I still remember how good I felt and looked when I was eating that awesomely healthy food so I have a great incentive to get back on the wagon.

Unrelated: today is day one of my week without buying. So far, so good. But it's only 2:30. If there are groceries that I need, I will buy them, but nothing else is allowed. I have so much food in my house, it's ridiculous for me not to have SOMETHING to eat. I'll make my lunches so they're ready to take to school. I'm excited for this little challenge! I don't really think it will be terribly challenging but a good experience nonetheless.