Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Putting a face to a cake

Can you smell that?
Those little donuts
No, not the banana bread, or the date squares. And it's not the mojito or the brewed ice tea with homemade ginger syrup. It's not even the deep dish pizza or the vat of hummus and it's certainly not mini donuts.

That, my friends, is Blogger's Guilt. So I am writing this to break the seal, and hopefully a flood of blog posts will come pouring out. It could happen, right?

I baked into a new frontier last week, actually. I baked a birthday cake from scratch, made icing (from scratch) and decorated it with an astonishing likeness of the birthday boy!

For all your cake decorating needs...
He's a very animated teenager. (Rimshot!)

Both recipes were from the Joy of Cooking: Four-Egg Yellow Cake (it wasn't at all yellow, but it was delicious!) and Quick White Icing. My mum reported that the cake far outshone the icing and I have to agree...dark chocolate ganache would have been wonderful! But the birthday boy requested white icing.

Speaking of the Joy of Cooking, have you ever read The Joy of the Joy of Cooking? It's one woman's ambitious blogging project wherein she is attempting to cook each of the 4500 recipes in that thickest of tomes. It's kind of a slow go, as this is year 3 and she is a busy woman, but it is interesting to read some of those entries.

Thanks for sticking with me folks. Here is a goat.



  1. Haha thanks for the goat, Zoey - I'm having a bit of blogger's guilt too because I'm doing a lot of cooking lately, but none of the recipes seem blogworthy just yet...

    I really want to get into The Joy of the Joy of Cooking but is it bad that her use of a canned Blogger theme is making me cringe?

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! Vincci, I know. I'm getting a redesign but it's taking forever because the designer keeps having issues and I'm more picky than I thought when I'm paying for something. Don't give up! I should have something better soon.

  3. My pleasure, Jessica! Best of luck with the redesign and I'm sure it's tough to rely on someone else to make your vision a reality.

    And Vincci, that goat was adorable and loved the attention he/she was getting from a group of drunk girls. The Calgary Stampede: A time to fawn over feisty farm animals!

  4. i too am a big fan of the goat! glad you like the picnic basket idea. i will see you at the farmer's market soon i hope! xo