Saturday, November 7, 2009

What've I missed?

Well this past week has been a doozy. Projects, applications, newspaper production, job hunting. Even though I pushed blogging to the side, I certainly didn't push cooking or baking to the side.

Actually the past few weeks I haven't been very bloggy, have I? I apologize. To help fill in the gaps between posts, follow me on Twitter! On Twitter I've posted snippets of my baking adventures that I don't have the energy to write in detail here yet.

Here's a bit of what's been going on:
Recipe here. Not super delicious, a bit bland, but the crumb was right I think. I'll try again with a sourdough started at some point.

Tomato Soup
My first tomato soup! Recipe here. Pretty good, although I used the whole roma tomatoes that we canned a few months ago and I think they were a bit overripe, because the soup was a little too tart.

My New Mixer!
My new KitchenAid Mixer! Got it from Costco online, hence the "Professional HD" name that you won't find on the KA website. Very happy with it so far!

Wonderful enchiladas with Safeway enchilada sauce, homemade flour tortillas and some awesome peppercorn-laden cheese.

Ciabatta! I needed my mixer to make this (but I swear that's not the only reason I bought the mixer...) because the dough is about the consistency of muffin mix (ie very moist). You don't even use the dough hook, just the beater attachment. This is my most recent bread.

Beer Buns
Made with the leftover Grasshopper keg from my birthday. I'll definitely be making these again. Awesome sandwiches.

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