Monday, June 15, 2009

The first hours

Well, I am 2.5 hours into my internship! 437.5 hours to go!

We've got three pages to fill, plus an empty 2-page spread so I've spent the morning writing out contact info for potential advertisers. Now I've moved onto calling businesses to find out who the actual contact for advertising is. My office is extremely echoey (yes! I have my own office with a desk and doors and everything!) which makes it a bit awkward to talk on the phone, but I think I'm doing alright.

The only people left to call on my list are restaurants and I know from experience that restaurants think your company is stupid if you call them during lunch, so I decided to wait it out.

I am looking forward to decorating this place a bit. It's got nice doors and marble-looking floors but plain white walls and lots of empty flat space. Some photos at the very least, I think.

I think the real excitement will start later in the week when we get to start talking about the next issues and making dramatic changes.

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