Thursday, June 11, 2009

Completely unrelated to food

Hours after my last blog entry I had a meeting set up to discuss a possible internship. At least I thought it was a "possible" internship, but it turned out to be a case of "we really ought to hire a reporter for our magazine, and didn't we hear about a young journalist looking for an internship?" on their end! So I went in for a meeting with the EIC and she was very sweet and excited about what the magazine will become in the next year - we will be completely overhauling the design with a brand new team of young folks.

So yes, I am starting my internship on Monday! I thought I'd be starting a lot sooner but they had to figure out the payment logistics (positive results!) and scheduling etc. I don't know exactly what I'll be doing from day 1, but I know that it will include research, reporting, layout, photography and related things. Writing for example.

My biggest problem at this point is the school side of things. This being an internship, I am obligated and required to pay $600 and somethin' dollars so that I can do some little assignments to chat with one of my profs via email. I don't have problems with that financially, but I do have problems with the technology. I was told to change my password to my school email due to maintenance they are performing on the system. Unfortunately I did so and now I'm locked out of the system. Arrggghhh.

And the work experience coordinator who said he would work things out so that I could sign up for this class waaay past registration date is on vacation now so I don't know if he accidentally sent the info to my school email or what. Maybe I'll check the email right now...

Oh! Hahhaha. It's fixed! Sweet.

Holy shit! So, work exp coordinator is on vacay, but he got some lady to get me registered, so I got an email (dated yesterday at 12:56) saying that I'd been registered and that I had 24 hours to pay my fees. That was scary because I assumed that I had missed the opportunity since I woke up at 12:55 today, but it seems like I made it../ Now I have a suspicion that I overpaid because I popups blocked the first time I used my VISA, and the second time I used it it was declined (weird) and the third time I used my mostly-stagnant mastercard and it worked. The good news is that I have to pay another $3000 in August anyway for next term so it's not like the money won't go somewhere. Whew.

I think I did pay it on my VISA, on closer inspection...because I only have $17 available credit there now...hahaha


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  1. I had that happen to me last weekend. Mymrc chose the most inconvenient time to not work.

    Still, congratulations on the internship! What magazine are you at?