Thursday, June 18, 2009

Communication Biznatch

Bri bought an iPod Touch yesterday. Now I can contact him when he's at work and anywhere else that there's wifi, hahaha.

Work has been super busy. I can't believe I've only worked their four days! It's been a lot of fun, although technically I haven't had too much to do. Today I was working from home because I am working on a story about the Stampede. I was out interviewing streeters about their opinions on it. Honestly, the info I got from my friends via facebook was much more interesting than their answers, but I ought not use them lest it become a bad habit.

We're supposed to put this old issue to print on Saturday but My Editor isn't sure that The Old Editor will be ready on time. Meanwhile I will write my 1000 words on the stampede and a 500 word food review (which has to be written between eating the meal @ 6 and going to work at the bar at 8!) It will be a stressful finish the workweek, followed by two busy shifts at the bar, back to back. Hopefully I can keep up both jobs. We'll see.

Here's a snippet of the Stampede story so far, feel free to give feedback!

It’s lunchtime, two weeks before the Stampede parade marches through the downtown core and Stephen Avenue Walk is conspicuously flush with cowboy hats.

A small amount of sleuthing reveals the source of the shiny white Stetsons is the Calgary Stampede Promotions Committee. A handful of committee members are distributing the trademark caps out of the back of a chuckwagon, handing one to each of the hundreds of people who have stood in a line that stretches down the entire block before wrapping around the corner. Stampede mascot Harry the Horse, a goofy but endearing fellow, is mingling with the crowd, entertaining toddlers and businessmen alike.

The line moves quickly through the already bustling eighth avenue. The sun beats down hard as people eat lunch out of Styrofoam containers and others sample various types of food-on-a-stick and meats-on-a-bun. Between the crowds of people standing brim to brim and the sidewalk shops selling trinkets, it’s not hard to imagine that the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” is already in full swing.

Nobody is under the illusion that the legendary Calgary Stampede is truly limited to within its ten official days. However, whether the infectious Western spirit is more like that of laughter or influenza, is in the eye of the beholder.

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