Monday, July 6, 2009


I haven't blogged too much about food lately, but it is still an entertaining part of my life. I have decided to make an effort to cut down on wheat and salt as well as get back into my rollerblading regime(ish) schedule because I've been feeling a bit listless lately.

The salt effort is mainly going to be me cutting down on processed foods, something I don't indulge in too often anyway. As for wheat, it's really just that I have been slowly incorporating more processed, nutritionally deficient white breads into my diet lately and I don't want to make it a habit. Somehow, wandering downtown on a hot summer night after a few drinks makes a girl crave veggie dogs from street corners and dried out but delicious CPU slices.

Last week I unofficially set a goal for myself (i.e., posted it as a facebook status update), that I wanted to make Seitan which is a wheat gluten "cutlet," or vegan meat substitute. I have most of the ingredients so all I need is to set aside some time but I didn't accomplish it within my unofficial time limit (i.e. last week). Darn. But this has led me to think that maybe I should give myself a weekly food project in an effort to have some fun, experimental "me" time that will probably be practical as well.

Stay tuned for Seitan!

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