Friday, January 23, 2009


As I was eating my Spice-Steamed Chickpeas and shredded veg, Ed microwaved 2 deluxe Pizza Pops. The agony!

Really I just want a big bowl of pasta with a good, chunky tomato sauce.

I decided to clean the bathtub so I could have a warm bath on such a cold day, when I opened a new pair of latex gloves, I swear they smelled like chocolate chips.

I don't wanna finish my steamed veg for lunch...steamed cabbage? I guess if I ate it out in the snow I could pretend to be a Ukrainian girl who has no heat because Russia doesn't wanna give it away for cheap anymore.

It's mid-morning snack time anyway: avocado! Actually fabulous with lemon juice and sea salt. I'm out of apples though, as well as cukes so I'll have to stock up soon
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