Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Week 2, Day 3

Well, I am all talk sometimes when it comes to blogging. Anyway, today will have a good post or two (three?)

Week 2 is like a week of forgiveness to evil Dr. Rau who has inflicted steamed vegetables upon my humble life.

Breakfast is full of stimulating flavours and hearty goodies. After my warm, alkalizing mug of baking soda and water (it's growing on me!) I eat half a grapefruit (on sale at Safeway! 6 for $3, regular $7). I linger over the paper, usually the National Post, or the Globe & Mail if it's at my door while my steel cut oats cook. Today I ran out of dates, which is the sweetener for my oatmeal, but it was still delicious with my morning banana.

And today included a new, soft-boiled egg with my spelt toast! I was pretty excited leading up to it, and though it wasn't as fantastic as my imagination described it, it was still satisfying.

Week 2 means green (i.e. caffeinated) tea in the morning and I enjoyed a pot of lavender jasmine that I bought on a trip to Canmore at the start of the month.

Today's snack was 5 cashews, hahaha.

Now I'm cooking lunch, which has been a bit laborious because it includes lentils, that I needed to cook, and Swiss Potato Salad, also not yet cooked. But now it is time to eat. Photos upcoming!

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