Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 5

I'm falling behind on blog posts so I've converted to mobile blogging! Expect more updates.

Day 3 ended with an against-the-rules fresh salad at the pasta retaurant. House-baked bread, sauce-drenched pasta and freshly grated parmesan and I was eating romaine and olive oil. I admit though, I also ate 4 kalamata olives...

Day 4 brought some woe, nothin specific, but chatting with mum helped reinforce my motivation. Was supposed to have steamed artichoke for dinner but Safeway and Community Natural Foods were outta them.

The carrot juice I bought at Safeway (something-house farms?) Is bad, sickly sweet carrot-ness. I'll try and drink my $8 worth but the organic, 1% lemon juice kind is far far better.

I went to a rock show last night, late. It was fabulous (Key to the City!), and I don't regret being out late. Even so, it was a sleepy rise this morning and I had to finish breakfast at school.

I'm going to be making my cheese, spelt bread, and spelt pasta shopping list this afternoon! I'm already salivating.

In other news, I think my boobs got smaller and I'm going to try on my red pants today, and see if they fit better than they did during christmas.

In the past week the temperature has dropped between 30-40 degrees following the exit of a chinook. Apparently that is harder on the body. It certainly makes it tough to take a walk. I might have to go mall walking like the seniors up the hill. Oh dear.

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