Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 3

Just a quick recap:
Day 1:

Was at the boyfriend's house but I'd brought almost everything over to his place for the cleanse so I figured I'd make the alkaline soup and get 'er started.
While the soup was cooking, I tried to drink the daily cuppa baking soda + warm water. That was not fun. I think I gulped down an ounce or so. After that came the flax seed oil.
I have heard plenty of good stuff about flax seed oil and all of it's benefits with the omegas and what not. Since the menu for the day said 1 tablespoon flax oil, I decided I would just have it like that.

Great idea, that one. It came up as quickly as it had gone down, and it tasted just as horrible.

Day 2:

I made the soup again, but cheated by adding garlic and some sea salt. It didn't make it especially tasty but it's palatable now. Had broth for breakfast and tried to have the baking soda and water but it wasn't agreeing with me. The 1/2 organic grapefruit was delectable and the steel cut oats were actually pretty decent with an apple. Still not willing to try flax oil again. I made it into a garlic-balsamic dressing instead.

Lunch was sorta disastrous because I understeamed my veg in the microwave at school, but couldn't resteam them since I had already drizzled them with oil. A sad meal.

Dinner was better, although my mum (also on the cleanse) was displeased that I wasn't following the exact meal plan (i.e. the flax thing). I am so lumped that I can have potatoes on this cleanse, even if they are steamed.

Day 3:
Breakfast was much smoother today. Still no flax.
I sliced up the date that I am supposed to cook with the oats and didn't notice a difference, but it was still good.
The broth was also pretty decent.

It takes forever to eat breakfast on this cleanse but it was nice to linger over the newspaper and read about Obama's inauguration.

I'm eating lunch right now. I am working on a beet salad that is full of beets which is unfortunate because I am not a fan. They taste too earthy for me. This shredded salad is a monster, with probably more than necessary greens in it. Red lettuce, spinach, parsley, cuke and 1/2 cup of alfalfa sprouts. I still have to eat the steamed sweet potatoes and broccoli and I didn't have my midmorning snack. I'm surprisingly full.

Nonetheless, my craving for sodium and bread is raging and I can't stop thinking about cheese. Thank god I don't eat meat anymore.

I think I've been a bit grumpy but I don't think it's related to the food.

Tonight is a dinner with brother and father, not sure if I will eat or try to order just steamed veggies. Hmmm

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